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TheNewhope2x3 and Crossroads5 Token Pre-Pre Launch & Bounty Campaign!

NewHope CR5 Token Members EN pdf:

NewHope CR5 Token Promoter:

NewHope CR5 Token HU pdf:




All you have to do - is refer 12 persons to program!

12 persons in total -that is your personal  group.

You build this group only once, and here most of your job is done.

The rest should be taken care of by persons that get referred further down your downline,

by the "everyone referrs his/hers own 12" rule.

The All Members Can Also Get 2 Level Matching Bonus From Their Referrals: 8%-2%!
Referral Maching Bonus All Matrix Position:
1. Level 8% :  BTC 0.00024 up to BTC 0.2
2. Level 2%:  BTC 0.00006 up to  BTC 0.05


25 active members - Bonus: 0.005 Btc,

Payout: to Account Balance

It can be used to buy a position, activate new members through "PIF".

     50 active members - Bonus: 0.01 Btc,

Payout: to Earning Balance, you can withdraw it!


Email address:

Title: Please send me team building bonus.

Text: Please confirm and add my team building bonus to my balance, because I have registered (25-50) active members. My username is: