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Pre-Pre Launch & Bounty Campaign.

During the bounty campaign 50.000.000 tokens will be distributed

Free Registration Bonuses: 100 CR5Token ( 0.001 BTC Worth)

2x 10000 FREE Banner & FREE Text Ads Credit.

First Phase ONLY for TheNewHope Members.

The CR5 Token will be an ERC20 Token Built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain.

CrossRoads5 Token( CR5T) is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum technology and blockchain.

Revolutionary ecosystem for Advertisers, Donations, Investors, E-Commerce and Marketers. The CR5 Token may also be donated to an organization or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

3 in 1 Offer & Much Much More!

Solo Mailer Ads: 1x Solo ad to 500 Members for BTC 0.0005

Double Mailer Ads: 2x Solo ad to 1000 Members for BTC 0.001

VIP Mailer Ads: 3x Solo ad to 2500 Members for BTC 0.0015

3 in 1 Offer: Buy VIP Mailer Ads, & bonus one Starter matrix position! (0.0005 BTC value) + 150 CR5 Token.

Login Ads: 1000 views for 0.001 BTC

3 in 1 Offer: Buy Login Ads, & bonus one Starter matrix position! (0.0005 BTC value) + 100 CR5 Token.

We have an 8 levels Matrix system that recruits like crazy.

8 Levels Matrix Commission: 0.0005 BTC up to 7 BTC over and over again!
The Free & Pro members can also get 2 level Matching Bonus from their referrals: 8%-2%!
Referral Maching Bonus All Matrix Position:
1. Level 8% : BTC 0.00024 up to BTC 0.2
2. Level 2%: BTC 0.00006 up to BTC 0.05

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